SAC Student-Athlete Insider: Men's Soccer

SAC Student-Athlete Insider: Men's Soccer

With SAC soccer set to get underway later this month, Newberry junior Luis Thompson shared his thoughts on the upcoming season with

What is the best part about being back on campus for the start of classes and practice?

Thompson: "The best part of being back on campus for the start of classes and fall sports is being able to see all the new and returning faces coming back and seeing how the students truly make this college the great one it is. Being able to socialize with everybody on campus old and new without fear is one of the greatest things about Newberry College."


What match are you most looking forward to this season?

Thompson: "There are two games in particular that I look forward to the most this season. First is our game against Lander University. Although this team is not in our conference, it seems to be one of our biggest rivalry games -- not to mention my father went to Lander. The other game I look forward to the most will be our most challenging, against two-time defending conference champions Anderson."


How do you plan to serve as a leader on your team and on campus this season?

Thompson: "I plan to act as a leader on my team as if I was a senior on the field playing for my last season ever. I will give all my teammates my 100% effort in acknowledging they will do the same in return. Although I am only one year experienced on the field as a player, I do not see that affecting the respect I have for my teammates and the respect they have for me. We will work together to become the best we can be. On campus I will serve as a leader just as I have my last 2 years of college; in the classroom. I will continue to perform well in my classes and continue to lead the team and the school in academic achievement"


What's something interesting people don't know about your team?

Thompson: "All teams have something that separates them from all the others. The two things that make us different from all others is both our ability to bond and socialize with other teams, and the chemistry and bonding we are able to develop as a team off the field.  As a team we do not exclude any of our teammates in anything we do.  A lot of teams stay to themselves, but we tend to be close with all teams including football, volleyball, tennis, and baseball, just to name a few."


Did you do anything exciting this summer? 

Thompson: "I was able to travel up to Tennessee and go white water rafting for the first time in my life. I had a great time and I plan to do much more of it in the future. Being a fanatic of the outdoors, I was also able to go hiking and waterfall hunting up in the mountains of North Carolina."